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  • Scroogled!

    Google’s Bait & Switch Many of you shop online…. Most of you have used the super helpful Google shopping results in your regular searches when buying things online. They are helpful, you get a picture and to compare prices BEFORE even visiting the website. Until recently these results have been free for merchants who follow…

  • Google Product Search “Eats” Small Merchants

    The data standardization within Google Product Search has put like products from very large retailers capable of deep discounts in the same page product lineup with smaller merchants who cannot compete on price. The smaller merchants who would generally seek to make their listing somewhat unique to grab longtail product searches can no longer do…

  • Product Titles That Rock

    Product Titles That Rock

    A great product title describes the product in a short (63 characters or less) and concise manner, but there is no reason why you cannot add some flair to elicit clicks more efficiently.

  • The New Google

    Google officially announced the completion of the new Google index, dubbed Caffeine for it speed and freshness. This new index has been a long time in the sandbox and even longer implementing, but it seems to deliver faster, more relevant and fresher search results.

  • Google Product Search – Getting Started

    Many shop owners are already using Google Base to list their products in Google Product Search, but many are not getting the full advantage the product search platform.