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  • Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Usability testing is the most effective means to increase sales, shopper interaction and popularity for your ecommerce shop. Hands down, there is no more effective means to get MORE from the traffic you have. So if usability testing is SO effective, why don’t more people do it? Many shop owners don’t know about it, most…

  • Panda Power

    Panda Power

    Now that Panda has started to affect sales we are hearing more questions from webmasters…. Problems with loss of rank, sales and traffic from Google are now pretty clear and present for Zen Cart owners. I wanted to take a quick look at what to do to begin to restore your site’s rank, traffic and…

  • Google Mayday

    Below you will find what Matt Cutts had to say regarding this algorithmic update which has been dubbed Mayday, but I hope to provide some resources and insight in to the conditions and solutions if you lost a great deal of Google organic traffic as a result of the Mayday update.

  • Smarter Searchers Use Longer Queries

    The need for helpful, descriptive and natural text on your store’s page cannot be understated. Your shoppers need this text to help them find you, identify your page as a good result and better navigate your site.

  • Shopping Cart Duplication – #1 Cause

    Most of the time when we see this, it’s unintentional or at least not malicious in origin: forums that generate both regular and stripped-down mobile-targeted pages, store items shown (and — worse yet — linked) via multiple distinct URLs, and so on.