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  • Zen Cart rel=”canonical” for Your SSL Store

    Switching to full SSL will turn off your rel=”canonical” tags. While this may be a bit short sighted on the part of the Zen Cart Development Team… it’s easily fixed! Once you make the switches to all SSL pages you will eliminate SSL/Non-SSL content duplication completely and fixing your canonical tag is necessary for a…

  • 2013 & Zen Cart

    With all the Panda, Penguin and buzz surrounding them it’s very easy to get caught “putting out fires” all the time. It’s very tiring and not so successful overall… so let’s get going!


    PCI Compliance is a struggle for all merchants. The time, cost and knowledge needed is perhaps excessive when you factor in that no one is policing the rules. Having said that we have recently come across a really stupid pain in the ass new fail for scans from a few of the PCI scanning companies.…

  • Customizing Google Snippets with Microdata

    In this post I will show you how to implement the Product Schema Microdata for your product pages. Now this tutorial is for 1.5.0, but if you’re sharp you can easily implement it in other Zen Cart versions.

  • Social Superiority for Ecommerce Merchants

    Social Superiority for Ecommerce Merchants

    According to and independent survey “small and mid size online retailers are highly confident in the future of ecommerce”.