New Fraud Detection Suite

The new Advanced Fraud Detection Suite or AFDS for short is a set of very customizable, rule based filters and fraud detection tools that identify, manage and help prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions for your business. You can fully customize AFDS filters/rules and tools to suit your business’ needs and adeptly control how suspicious…

Shared Hosting & Bad Neighbors

Bad Neighbor is actually a vague term referring to many situations, mostly with reference to shared web hosting. However, the term can also refer to a “less than honorable” website you are linking out to. We are referencing the bad neighbors related to ecommerce websites hosted in a shared hosting environment.

What’s Your Offer?

Consumers fully understand that the money they have at their disposal is a commodity every bit as much as the goods you have in your online store. You have to earn their trust, provide exemplary customer service and provide the information they need in a well organized format, or they will keep looking for the website they feel is deserving of their business and hard earned dollars.