How to Tell Google what You Think

Tell Google
Tell Google

I guess in general I am pretty happy with the way Google does business. I am not one to whine and cry about how Google runs their own business…. You See, I don’t want anyone telling us how to run our business either! So I think Google has done a fine job thus far. Sure there have been issues, bugs and mistakes along the way, but one business strategy has always prevailed…. They listen to their users.

Google has of course many free tools and venues to help us. These are all pretty well maintained and users are given unbiased use of Google’s resources. Along the course of growing in a positive direction, Google has sought the help of its users, tested new stuff and updated many platforms as needed.

So if you have a mind to help Google help you, then you might want to participate in the “Tell us what you think” Feedback campaign currently underway at Google. This campaign is your chance to help the development course of products like Google Webmaster Tools and Webmaster Central in general. Seriously, Google wants to know! Certainly this is more productive than whining and crying when things are not as you wish or expect.

Posting and voting on existing feedback, suggestions and ideas is open until Friday, July 24, 2009, and I strongly encourage you to participate. Google has said that ..

Every suggestion you add will be seen not only by the Webmaster Central team, but by other users and webmasters. We’ll review every submission, and we’ll update you regularly with our progress and feedback.

What are you waiting for?