What’s Your Offer?

running_manConsumers fully understand that the money they have at their disposal is a commodity every bit as much as the goods you have in your online store. You have to earn their trust, provide exemplary customer service and provide the information they need in a well organized format, or they will keep looking for the website they feel is deserving of their business and hard earned dollars.

There was a time when homework and other questions were referred to the encyclopedia or even the public library. That process has come to pass why teenagers search for homework answers on the Internet and parents search for the things they need like recipes, product information and more.

We have more access to information than we ever have and to more knowledge than we ever thought we would even seek out. This is exactly why ecommerce stores should never shy away from informational content on their sites.

The growth of the Internet is driven in many ways by a unquenchable thirst for information. It’s very interesting that customers are initially less interested in where they find the information and instead focus on the quality of the information.

In actuality the useful information on your website and the search engines that find it will bring someone to your site initially and thus deliver you the opportunity to impress this potential customer. Fact is, this useful information is appreciated by surfers and they begin to trust you based on your information. Trust being the first step in any sale, then you are on to something.

Ecommerce follows in the footsteps of its brick and mortar predecessor and must cater to an on demand crowd to be successful. No one likes to wait and they want what they want when they want it. Got it?

This may all seem a little bit selfish on the part of the consumer, but the ecommerce business that insists on being centered on the needs of the customers will certainly garner the most business. Remember, they hold the commodity you seek $$$

Consumers very clearly understand that the money they have at their disposal is a commodity YOU must earn from them. You have to earn their trust, provide exemplary customer service and provide the useful information they need or they will move on.

Furthermore, because brand loyalty is diminished in the 21st century you have to continually earn the trust and support of your customer base. This is where marketing tools such as ezines, email marketing and ebooks can make a real difference for customers that want not just a product, but also seek knowledge they need to make the best use of that product…. Your product.

There are many ecommerce businesses that do not share this service orientated point of view. They insist on operating their online store in a way that fails to capitalize on something they have clearly failed to comprehend. The Internet opens the possibility to provide value added materials and information in a cost effective environment. Customers do not have to choose your store so make sure they have ample reason to place your site at the top of their list.