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  • Video Rage!

    Video Rage!

    I’m going to rant a bit about something that genuinely pisses me off to no end. I visit a website, for anything, and there are more than likely going to be videos. I don’t mind that one bit, some people prefer them….. But others do not.

  • Google Shopping Sucks!

    Google Shopping Sucks!

    In this post I am going to demonstrate to you that Google Shopping is an absolute fail, unless your products are square and fit in to a square box.

  • Get More Sales … Don’t Suck!

    Ecommerce is a tough business. It moves fast, changes frequently and relies on outside factors, which are often beyond our control.

  • 2013 & Zen Cart

    With all the Panda, Penguin and buzz surrounding them it’s very easy to get caught “putting out fires” all the time. It’s very tiring and not so successful overall… so let’s get going!

  • Scroogled!

    Google’s Bait & Switch Many of you shop online…. Most of you have used the super helpful Google shopping results in your regular searches when buying things online. They are helpful, you get a picture and to compare prices BEFORE even visiting the website. Until recently these results have been free for merchants who follow…