Writing an Effective Press Release

Press Releases
Press Releases

Online press releases can provide valuable marketing platform to reach the growing online community. Press releases, however, must be well written and well optimized for PR distribution through the press release network. A great press release will attract journalists and will also be well optimized for distribution to your targeted audience. If you cannot get your “news” to the audience most suited for its content… There is no point. This skill alone can drastically improve your store’s sales and market reach.

Proper keywords: Selecting key word is the most important part of press release optimization. Be very careful while deciding on a keyword phrase that is pertinent to the product or service you are offering. The best tool I can recommend to search keywords is wordtracker.com. Note that stopping by the Adwords keyword tool will also provide you some additional stemming and search volume information specific to Google.

Keyword or phrase position: Place key phrase into the headline and the title of your press release. Try to repeat it nearly 2-3 times in the content of of a 250 word release.

Starting should be solid: Remember to make your title and initial lines cover that you want to express in an engaging manner. The remaining part of your press release should depict the more detailed information.

Use product name: Repeat placements of the name of your service or product in natural text to make it eminent. For example, write “Search Engine Optimization” instead of writing “SEO” every time, this would make your product name much popular. These varied terms are one in the same, but using both helps to establish relevancy.

Draft it for Journalists/Media agencies: The media agencies and journalists will grab your press release and publish it in their publications if it is well written and newsworthy. Note however, they may slightly edit your press release.

Consider reader’s interest: You should consider to whom you are targeting your press release and their interests. Think, if you were a part of audience, your targeted audience, would you like to read the press release you have written.

Make your press release appear practical: Point out real facts of your company/organization, as readers are already so scholar enough to find out ‘what’s true and what not’? Remember, a soft sell will be far more effective in business writing of any kind.

Include real facts: Avoid untrue examples, exaggerations and fluffy wording. If you find the content using much added extras, make it more natural and real. Your press release should be in active voice, not passive. Verbs in the active voice make your press release live and engaging.

Use only sufficient and essential words: Avoid using superfluous adjectives, extravagant language, or unnecessary expressions like “The most powerful”. Tell your story with lesser words, as verbosity distracts from your content and intent.

Avoid usage of terminology: However, a limited use of terminology would be allowed if required for technical reasons, if you aim to optimize news release for distribution. The finest technique to communicate your press release is to speak naturally, using regular language.

Keep away from too many exclamations: Too much usage of exclamation point (!) may harm your press release. But, if you must use an exclamation point, use only one.  This just goes to the exaggeration rule… Make it real.

Get company permission: Companies are very self-protective about their recognition and credibility. So, get written permission before putting in any information or quotes about any company in to your press release.

Company Information: The press release should include a short description of your company, which depicts your company’s correct contact information, products, services and a brief history as well.

Pick precise PR distribution networks: Deciding on press release distribution network is also an important. There are hundreds of free and paid press release distribution networks exist so it is critical to select a distribution process which will suit your needs.

Propose RSS feeds: Assist journalists by offering RSS feeds so that they haul to your website. Through this interested parties will get known that you have relevant release on the topic for, which they are searching for.

Publish releases often: Try to publish press releases monthly to be recognized as news source for news agencies such as Yahoo news and Google news, this will improve both your distribution (reach) and readership.

While this can seem an overwhelming task your first time… Learning to write a proper press release can be one of the most important things you can do for your online business. To get you started, here is an excellent press release layout template.

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