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  • 4 Ways to Boost Searches for Your Online Store

    I think that most everyone would answer NO! We get calls all the time from shop owners who are just not making it. They reach out to us for help… Well kind of. Most think there is some magic wand we can wave to make them rank. This is a common myth among shop owners….…

  • Zen Cart Business Owners Survival Tips

    I am quite sure I have mentioned each of these Zen Cart tips many times before — Just not in this consolidated form. We receive many calls and emails from frightened and surely scammed ecommerce site owners. These calls range from outrageous to just plain poor planning. To help you get started or make your…

  • Customer Satisfaction & your Bottom Line

    What every single ecommerce business wants most is for online users to type in their credit card number and make a purchase of their products…. Nice and easy, right?

  • 2009 US Ecommerce Issues and Opportunities

    2008 has been a pretty fair year for ecommerce stores in the US… Despite the growing concern over our economy. The question now becomes, what does an ecommerce business need to do in 2009 to grow their sales and be successful.