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  • Credit Card Testing

    Credit Card Testing

    It’s scary out there and I know we can’t catch them all…. But let’s be a pain in the hacker’s a$$ this holiday season!

  • Facebook Fan Pages – Got Yours?

    Many shop owners are really lagging behind on the social media angle. Let face it, time is short and so much to do. Fact is, so many things to promote your ecommerce business cost money, this one is free… Just a bit of you precious time to get free promotion for your online shop. There are some very good business reasons to spend a few hours creating your business’ Facebook fan page.

  • Easy SEO?

    Easy SEO, this is a term as similar as black and white. You can benefit from the content of this post if you are determined to succeed in your ecommerce business, and you have some common sense. If so, please read on…

  • Authorize.net New Fraud Detection Suite

    The new Advanced Fraud Detection Suite or AFDS for short is a set of very customizable, rule based filters and fraud detection tools that identify, manage and help prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions for your business. You can fully customize AFDS filters/rules and tools to suit your business’ needs and adeptly control how suspicious […]

  • What’s Your Offer?

    Consumers fully understand that the money they have at their disposal is a commodity every bit as much as the goods you have in your online store. You have to earn their trust, provide exemplary customer service and provide the information they need in a well organized format, or they will keep looking for the website they feel is deserving of their business and hard earned dollars.