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  • Ecommerce Confessions: The 7 Mistakes I Made

    Yes I can admit when I am wrong and make boneheaded mistakes, and I made plenty of them. I am writing this as a reference for anyone else that is considering diving into the wonderful world of eCommerce, feel free to learn from my mistakes. Not Testing the REAL Market Well I did, but how…

  • Better Shop Online

    Just a video that I felt is right up our ecommerce alley… May it light your face with a smile and fill your office with laughter shop owners! You see what can happen when you shop actually IN a store… Ohhhh my, your PC would never do that to you!

  • Customer Satisfaction & your Bottom Line

    What every single ecommerce business wants most is for online users to type in their credit card number and make a purchase of their products…. Nice and easy, right?

  • Tell Me What You Really Think

    If your store looks 1997 or relies on inferior website design methodology it may be holding you down. Existing shoppers are used to the site and its quirks, but what about new customers?

  • Ecommerce Ventures and Delayed Gratification

    Many times it can seem like establishing your ecommerce store is a bit like being asked to fill the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon. You persevere, but it’s hard to see the results.