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  • Ecommerce & SSL 3.0 – PCI Compliance

    In pursuance of the PCI Security Standards Council’s current license agreement (10/2008), SSL Version 2.0 with previously noted vulnerabilities will no longer be supported by credit card gateways.

  • Ecommerce Top 10 Ways to Fail

    Seriously, many of these items probably seem very stupid… Easy, whatever. I am telling you we see these things everyday and its a shame that businesses are launched, money invested and time spent to fail.

  • So you want to be a Shop Owner Part 1 of 5

    Starting an online store has become the popular thing to do recently, however, most new shop owners are misguided, make rash decisions and lack the understanding and research necessary to be successful. This series of 5 posts will hopefully serve as a guide to developing your own shopping cart website as painlessly and successfully as…

  • Great Navigation Pays the Bills!

    One of the singular most important things you can do for your online store is define a clear easy to follow navigational structure. The benefits are really astounding.

  • What About Conversions?

    So you have your store up and running and hopefully you are watching those conversions closely. Today, we are going to hit some not so blatant discrepancies about online conversions that you should know. I have said this before, but it bares repeating, every store is different. Even store with the exact same flow and…