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  • Creating Actionable Ecommerce Content

    Lastly, to help the search engines understand the actionable nature of your product pages you should includes words such as “buy”, “purchase”, “shop online” etc. When including these types of action phrases it will be most effective to string them along a keyword for the product. something such as “When buying a roo online, you…

  • Great Ecommerce Content/Copy

    In our everyday dealings with our own customers, we instruct, get asked and generally can talk all day about proper content for one’s online store. This has always been a tough thing to properly execute on the part of the shop owner.

  • Article Promotion for Ecommerce

    One way of promoting your web store and products can be achieved for free. As an additional bonus, this “free” marketing method can boost your store’s backlinks too.

  • Business on the Web – Abstract Thinking

    If your grandparents were business owners most of their customers were met face to face. Customers may have gone to church with your grandparents or attended high school sports events and concerts. They knew each other and that made marketing much less taxing and far more trusting.

  • Eye Tracking for Online Stores

    Eye tracking is defined as research to track where a user’s eyes look while reading, then analyze the data to reveal behavioral patterns. In essence eye tracking is a core part of usability & accessibility.