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  • Have We Screwed Ourselves?

    Google has known searchers do this for sometime…and they have preached the use of great and unique descriptions along the same line. Remember, your Meta description does not help you rank… but is rather a unique opportunity to elicit a click from searchers. This element however, if not appropriate for the query will be replaced by a snippet to better serve the searcher…. All good, no arguments here.

  • Google Quality & Removal for Hidden Text

    Hidden text can occur for many reasons, most are in no way malicious. Text can be same color text and background, hidden in html commenting, stuffed in to alts and titles and hidden with numerous CSS styles. All of the common findings of hidden text, malicious or not are a violation of Google’s quality guidelines for hidden text.

  • Google & Search Behavior Ranking

    On October 27th, Google was granted a patent for this ranking methodology. In essence, the patent referred to as “Rank-adjusted content items” seeks to use click logs and query logs are processed to identify statistical search patterns.

  • SEO – Myth, Method or Discipline

    Certainly there are many schools of thought about SEO. My purpose today is to share with you my own insight in to SEO as a whole — What is SEO?

  • Information Searchers vs Customers

    Many shop owners have never considered how people search. Regularly contract customers are blown away by the search phrases they get when they receive their first weekly rank report. They expect to see search phrases like “iPod” or “Apple iPod”, instead of “buy iPod Nano” or “buy iPod Touch”. Fact is, there is a very distinguishing difference between these search queries… So are customers and some are not.