Writing Power Blog Post Headlines

Power Blogging Titles
Power Blogging Titles

Website visitors are in a hurry. You’ve got but just a moment of their attention to grab them and reel them in. When someone visits your blog, will they only scan your headlines and leave, or would they be drawn to read more and stay awhile?

Think about how you read a newspaper. You short read or scan the papers headlines, deciding which content you’re going to read. People read blogs in much the same way.

You’ve only got about 10 seconds…. How will you engage your visitor?

Let’s compare a couple of post headlines:

Dog Explodes – BIG Mess!
Hot Dogs Overcooked in the Microwave May Explode

Very likely that first post title grabs your attention, and you’ll want to read more of the story. While certainly, it’s important not to “mislead” people, but using creative headlines will help capture a reader’s attention and get them engaged.

Here’s another post title example:

Reader’s Eyes Glued to Computer Screen
Man Reads Article after Reading Exciting Headline

Just by putting a fun spin on the title will spark people’s curiosity. In those brief seconds it took to scan those titles, the reader decides to stick around your blog a little longer, as they are intrigued. Using strong headlines that grab attention is a great way to help your bounce rate. People come to your blog and stick around. What do your post titles say? How many people are leaving simply because of how you say it?

Don’t stop at the post title with a little creativity, you can really make the rest of the copy pop as well. Stop and think about the articles that you read, what keeps you reading an article? Have you ever started to read an article, and then got bored during the middle of it? Oh yeah, you need to keep that creativity rolling… Or I will just flip the page. The longer somebody is on your blog, the better chance they’ll take whatever conversion action you’re striving for, whether it’s to sign up for something, purchase something or click through to another article or ad.

So experiment with your post titles…. Know that you can do some very creative things to grab your readers attention. Many great examples of effective post titles also include language like these popping post titles below.

Top 10 Reasons to Blog for Your Business

5 Secrets to Online Success

How to Skyrocket Online Sales

Why You Want Your Business on the Web

Ideally, your post titles can be anything… as you can set your page title (if you choose to do so) to a clearly more relevant title for your SEO. Make them short, easy to understand and engaging for blogging success! Sounds easy…. It is, just use your imagination and measure your success with your stats.

Great post headlines will keep visitors on your site longer and get them deeper in to your content. This greatly reduces bounce and inspires participation from your readers as well. Add the fact that if you can really engage your readers they will share your posts….. Remember after all, blogging is intended to be a creative release.