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More Google tools and Gadgets…. We know you love them! Our main focus here at PRO-Webs is of course ecommerce. Product reviews have always been such a challenge… But no more as Google Friend Connect has a gadget for that! You can see the new gadget installed directly to your right… Pretty cool, flexible and definitely beginner level installation and configuration.

Let me just walk you through adding Google Connect Reviews to your Zen Cart

  1. Go to Google Friend Connect and login with your Google user account
  2. Top left click the blue link “Set up a new site
  3. Now choose “Friend Connect for standard web sites” link from the main content section.
  4. Select “Continue
  5. Enter the name of your site and its url (EG PRO-Webs Store &
  6. Download 2 files and upload them to the root of the directory in your url (EG /store/)
  7. Click “Continue
  8. Click the “Test to finalize setup” button
  9. Left had side menu choose “Social gadgets
  10. Scroll down the list for “Ratings and reviews” & Click “Get this gadget
  11. In the drop down labeled “Scope” choose page
  12. Customize text in the “start with this text” review area field if you like
  13. Customize Ratings header if you like
  14. You have the ability to allow anonymous posts, your choice…. But I recommend you do not.
  15. Customize gadget size options including number of ratings and width
  16. Customize color scheme as you like
  17. #4 Generate code & select and copy it all from the box
  18. Put it in a dynamic element in your Zen Cart. Mine is in the “Editable Sidebox” a simple to use module from the Zen Cart addon repository.

Nice and easy… Just like we like it! Check out or review gadget!

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