Yahoo Search Supports Google Base Formatting

Yahoo Product Feed Submission
Yahoo Product Feed Submission

Yahoo has recently announced its new support for Google Base structured feeds for SearchMonkey. You can now supply your Google Base structured data feed to Yahoo for display in Yahoo enhanced results.

The program is not displaying a ton of shopping results yet, but will certainly grow. Submitting your existing Google Base formatted feed is very fast, simple and automatic. To get started verify and setup your store in Yahoo Site Explorer. After you verify your shop with a Meta tag or html file, you will see a menu option on the left for “Feeds“. Upon selecting this option the following screen will be displayed…

Submit Google Shopping Feed to Yahoo
Submit Google Shopping Feed to Yahoo

Very simply you add the “relative” path to your product feed to the feed field, then click the drop down to “Structured data feed“. Add feed button saves the submission. Your product feed can be in any format that Google is currently accepting such as xml and txt. If you’ve never used Yahoo Site Explorer before, be certain to add your search engine sitemap & rss feeds as well. Both RSS and sitemap.xml files will be added as a “Web site feed“.

This can really turn out to be a great asset to online store owners, you see Yahoo has traditionally always been a very strong search engine for ecommerce stores. Yahoo products a paid feed submission has been around for quite some time, but submitting your Google feed in Site Explorer is free and will display in regular search results.

7 responses to “Yahoo Search Supports Google Base Formatting”

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  2. Question: If you are submitting XML sitemaps to Yahoo, can you still submit your Google Base product feed without it being considered a duplicate submission??

  3. Yes, you just need to set the drop down to structured data feed. These product feeds are not used like sitemaps, but rather Yahoo uses them to populate their product search.


  4. Wow! Talk about a fast reply!! Thanks! Cool that makes me feel better.. I had installed a Google Base app and a XML sitemap app, and I did not want to get penalized for duplicate submissions..@Melanie