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  • Zen Cart rel=”canonical” for Your SSL Store

    Switching to full SSL will turn off your rel=”canonical” tags. While this may be a bit short sighted on the part of the Zen Cart Development Team… it’s easily fixed! Once you make the switches to all SSL pages you will eliminate SSL/Non-SSL content duplication completely and fixing your canonical tag is necessary for a smooth transition in the search engines indexes.

  • Scroogled!

    Google’s Bait & Switch Many of you shop online…. Most of you have used the super helpful Google shopping results in your regular searches when buying things online. They are helpful, you get a picture and to compare prices BEFORE even visiting the website. Until recently these results have been free for merchants who follow […]

  • Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Usability testing is the most effective means to increase sales, shopper interaction and popularity for your ecommerce shop. Hands down, there is no more effective means to get MORE from the traffic you have. So if usability testing is SO effective, why don’t more people do it? Many shop owners don’t know about it, most […]

  • Creating Actionable Ecommerce Content

    Lastly, to help the search engines understand the actionable nature of your product pages you should includes words such as “buy”, “purchase”, “shop online” etc. When including these types of action phrases it will be most effective to string them along a keyword for the product. something such as “When buying a roo online, you have several options for color, size and delivery”. It’s way too easy to get spammy when trying to create actionable content… so pay close attention to the perceived intent of the words you chose.

  • Panda Power

    Panda Power

    Now that Panda has started to affect sales we are hearing more questions from webmasters…. Problems with loss of rank, sales and traffic from Google are now pretty clear and present for Zen Cart owners. I wanted to take a quick look at what to do to begin to restore your site’s rank, traffic and sales.